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Mother(hood) to be

Pregnancy is a very special time for a woman and the people around her. The nine months of developing of an embryo inside the womb, the period between conception and birth, is much more than just a physical transformation that is happening inside of a woman’s body.


Behavioral patterns and psychotherapy

In this article, I would like to focus on behavioral patterns – behavior that is repeated in everyday life, regardless of whether it corresponds to the situation in which a person finds herself or himself, or whether it is harmful to the health of that person.

The capacity to be alone Vs. Facebook checking

When commuting in Vienna on the underground, the tram or the bus one can notice that a lot of people are doing something on their mobile phones. Some of them are answering their emails, texting their friends, lov…

Wearing a mask

Fake it until you (don`t) make it

People are social beings that are connected to each other in various ways. The history of humankind suggests that we cannot survive on our own and cannot exist alone. We need each other in a physical and psychological …

Expat life – Patterns

Today’s short article is about the patterns that people are ‘’dragging’’ with themselves throughout their lives no matter where they go.

When you arrive to another country you have to deal with a new situation: a new environment, a different cultu…

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